Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 "Financial" Identity Protection Tips

10 Extra "Financial" Identity Protection Tips

1.) Keep a list of all credit card and bank account numbers with bank phone numbers so in case of loss or theft they can be notified immediately.

2.) Use only one credit card for personal expenses and one card for business expenses and monitor accounts online weekly.

3.) Always send or receive mail only through secure and locked mail boxes.

4.) Never give out any sensitive information (SSN, Acct #, Pin #, Password Etc) via an email solicitation. Always type in and visit the website directly.

5.) Limit the information on your checks to your first initial, last name and address
(nothing more).

6.) On all credit cards instead of signing your name write "Check ID!".

7.) Never use a debit card or Visa/Master Check card as recovering fraudulently accessed funds from these accounts can be extremely difficult.

8.) Store all credit cards, bank statements and passports etc in a secure and locked place.

9.) Never give out your Social Security Number, Drivers License Number or Date Of Birth unless they have just cause and really need it.

10.) For details about establishing and initial fraud alert on your credit
reports visit:,,

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